The Fifth World Buddhist Forum

2021-02-01 17:44:25

The main venue of the 5th World Buddhist Forum is located in Putian Convention and Exhibition Center. This session of the World Buddhist Forum was jointly hosted by the Chinese Buddhist Association and the Chinese Religious and Cultural Exchange Association. The Forum shared the Buddhist culture in various forms, including sub-forums, TV forums, new media forums, and round-table meetings, etc. Speaking of the theme of the Forum, Zong Xing, Vice President of the Chinese Buddhist Association, said at the conference that "exchange for mutual leaning, and middle way for perfect harmony" highlights the purpose of communication and cooperation, and responds to the new issues of Buddhism development, which has very important practical significance. Around this theme, 10 sub-forums were set up, such as "Buddhism and the Silk Road on the Sea", "Buddhism and Charity for Public Welfare", "Buddhism and Environmental Protection". The topics covered the future development of Buddhism, the common concern of society and the future and destiny of mankind.

With its PLEXUS building sound reinforcement system, Tosyeason has successfully applied to Putian Convention and Exhibition Center project with its perfect solution, rapid customization ability and professional technical strength.

Tosyeason provided a perfect audio system solution for the Project. PLEXUS EA-WL series three-unit three-frequency line array loudspeakers with high sound pressure has been used in the 3,000-people meeting hall for. Each series array loudspeaker group consists of 12 dual 10-inch full-frequency line array loudspeakers and 2 single 18-inch ultra-low line array loudspeakers. By accurately adjusting the installation angle of the line array loudspeaker set, the whole field is evenly covered and the latest XS series power amplifier is configured. Audio control part uses 32 channels digital mixer with digital audio stage interface box; digital audio stage interface box and power amplifier are all installed in the aviation shock-proof cabinet, installed in the ear room on the second side of the stage, close to the speaker group, convenient for laying special cables for loudspeakers. The mixer is installed in the second floor sound control room directly opposite the stage, which is convenient for observing the whole scene of the venue for live tuning.

After the completion of the project, the Fifth World Buddhist Forum was successfully held in this venue. The whole audio system had good sound recovery characteristics, excellent extension of dynamic range, clear voice, full, bright, round and warm sound quality, and achieved the expected standard. It has been unanimously praised by the owners, Putian city leaders and participants from all over the world.

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