Interactive multimedia conference desktop terminal

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  • Brand: PIEXUS/Tosyeason
  • Model: PT-MT3150C/D
  • New generation interactive multimedia conference desktop terminal

  • All aluminum alloy integrated body design, fine grinding process

  • All audio and video signals are transmitted through CAT6 network cable to fully ensure the real-time and stability of important data streams such as conference audio information, video information, voting information and control information

  • Equipped with a 13.3-inch capacitive touch screen, it supports multi touch and full screen touch, with high sensitivity, can sense the minimum force of two ounces, response time of 3MS, and can withstand 50 million touch times at any point

  • 16: 9 wide screen, resolution up to 1920 × 1080

  • Equipped with 10.1-inch IPS electronic display nameplate, resolution up to 1280 × 800

  • The electronic display nameplate interface can be customized (background picture, font color, font size, etc.) to automatically display the participants' names and other information

  • Ergonomic structure design, 30 ° angle electronic nameplate fixed structure, to ensure the best viewing angle and user experience of electronic nameplate display and touch display, touch display operation in line with the touch screen finger click the best touch

  • It adopts anti howling single direction high sensitivity capacitive microphone with the length of 386mm

  • Mi pole adopts anti-interference circuit design, professional plug-in type, built-in blowout and wind shield

  • The microphone is equipped with indicator light to distinguish the active state and the state of accepting speech request by different colors

  • The frequency response range is 30Hz – 20kHz, the load impedance is 32 ohm, and the output power is 2 x 15 MW

  • A red light ring is designed around the microphone control button to confirm whether the microphone is turned on

  • The terminal has USB interface, which is convenient for delegates to upload and download conference materials

  • The terminal has a 3.5mm audio output interface, which can be connected to headphones to listen to audio and video materials

  • The terminal operating system supports power on and power off

  • Integrated conference registration, speech, single and multiple voting, election, work review, conference manuscript reading, document annotation, simultaneous interpretation, interactive communication, video on demand and other functions, effectively meeting various conference requirements