Museum of Black Civilization in Senegal

2021-02-01 17:12:45

Tosyeason provided the whole system of sound reinforcement and conference biography for the project, which mainly includes open exhibition hall audio system, conference simultaneous interpretation system and outdoor audio system.

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Open sound system of exhibition hall. This system is a unified and systematic performance sound system. Each part of the system matches each other. The system is suitable for indoor performances and other activities. It meets the needs of 1,000-2,000 audiences for indoor conventional performance venues, large-scale assembly language sound reinforcement, large dynamic background music and national anthem performance. Meanwhile, the system also needs to consider a variety of functions after the game, which requires that switching between different parameters of different functions be convenient and reliable.

Conference discussion and simultaneous interpretation system, which mainly takes into account the needs of international exchange activities, is equipped with simultaneous interpretation in eight languages, making communication and technical exchanges unrestricted, so as to complete multilingual barrier-free meetings.It can accommodate 150 people to speak at the same time.The venue seats are all fixed installation.The conference hall adopts 161 PVDS3800 all-digital conference units (signing, speaking and voting functions can be realized), and there are 155 infrared simultaneous interpretation receiving units and 10 full-digital simultaneous interpretation units PL-IR800T.

The outdoor mobile sound reinforcement system includes the following five parts (I. speaker and power amplifier part; II. regulation and processing system part; III. sound source and microphone system; IV. central control system; V. auxiliary supporting part) of equipment and components. The system is a unified, systematic performance sound system that matches the various parts of the system. It is suitable for outdoor large-scale performances and can be used in regular performance venues of 2,000-5,000 spectators.