Sierra Leone's National Parliament

2021-02-01 17:13:50

Sierra Leone's National Parliament Building, located in Freetown, is the seat of the Sierra Leone Parliament and the national supreme legislature of Sierra Leone, which exercises legislative, supervisory and approval functions on behalf of the people, therefore, it is particularly important to build a reliable and efficient conference solution.

This project included 155 PLEXUS PT-MT3200 series paperless multimedia conference system equipment. At the same time, the conference hall was equipped with PLEXUS professional sound reinforcement system, which was mainly based on language sound reinforcement. The main acoustical technical indicators of the system met the first-level standard of conference sound reinforcement system in GB50371-2006 "Design Specification for Hall Sound Reinforcement System", ensuring that there were enough sound pressure level, uniform sound field distribution and enough language clarity, using digital processing and control mode to facilitate the local day-to-day system management.

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PLEXUS PT-MT3200 series paperless multimedia conferencing system with ultra-thin body design, equipped with 15.6" (1920 × 1080) high-resolution LCD, capacitive touch screen, providing a faster, more convenient and efficient operating experience.With the PLEXUS PT-MT3200 system, the concept of a multimedia conference room is truly perfected and stereoscopic.Delegates were no longer limited by location vision and could clearly read documents and watch videos on the exclusive 15.6-inch high-definition screen.Information was no longer one-way communication, and interactive circulation was realized through the file sharing, microphone speech and other functions.

Parliamentarians could realize various functions such as conference registration, manuscript reading, voting, document endorsement, internal communication, and called service through terminal equipment, effectively reducing conference costs, improving efficiency, ensuring information security, and improving conference quality.Tedious paper materials were turned into simple electronic data, reducing the burden of sorting out paper files.

The success of the Sierra Leone National Parliament project has once again witnessed the comprehensive strength of PLEXUS products in the field of audio and video applications. Let's wait and see that PLEXUS paperless multimedia conference system will enter more international projects, bringing new conference experience to global customers!