Cape Coast Stadium, Republic of Ghana

2021-02-01 17:32:29

The project is located in Cape Coast, capital of the central province of the Republic of Ghana. It covers an area of 9.3 hectares. The stadium can accommodate 15,000 spectators with a total floor area of 16,400 square meters, including eight track and field, football field, basketball court, handball court, boxing training hall, gymnasium and other sports facilities and venues. It also has its own apartment for athletes.The project will serve the people of Ghana, especially the university students in Cape Coast and the people nearby, and will be used for various sports activities and competitions.The stadium will not only meet Ghana's needs for soccer and track and field events, but also for large-scale mass events and international competitions in Africa.

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According to its characteristics and actual functional requirements, its main function is sports competition, meeting the requirements of holding international competitions, and taking into account the large-scale conferences and performances in the region.

Therefore, the sound reinforcement system should give priority to language sound reinforcement and give consideration to both literary and artistic performances; the main sound reinforcement system should meet the requirements of on-the-spot commentary, broadcasting, large-scale assembly language sound reinforcement; meet the requirements of large dynamic background music, playing national anthem and other music broadcasting; at the same time, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the various types of functions after the game, and it is required that the switchover between different parameters of different functions should be convenient and reliable.

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