Remote Video Conference System of Malawi Ministry of Industry and Trade

2021-02-01 17:32:38

In April 2018, Tosyeason provided a solution to the overall high-definition video conferencing system for the conference rooms of Malawi Ministry of Industry and Trade located in two different office buildings, including video display system, sound reinforcement system, conference system, simultaneous interpretation system, video conferencing system, distributed visual control system and other subsystems, and created a green and efficient communication channel for the administrative meetings and foreign exchanges of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Malawi.

System Integration of the Project

1. Video Display System

It is equipped with several high-definition LCD TV and high-definition projector as display terminals to display local video data and dual-stream signals of video conference. PLEXUS PMIPS distributed visual control management system is used to realize signal scheduling and management.

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2. Conference Discussion and Simultaneous Interpretation System

Taking into account the international exchange activities of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the conference room is equipped with simultaneous interpretation in eight languages, which makes communication and technical exchanges unrestricted and achieves multilingual accessibility.

The two conference rooms can accommodate 30 people and 40 people for simultaneous meetings. The venue seats are all fixed installation. A total digital conference unit PVDS3800 of 55 seats (function of check-in, speaking and voting) was adopted in the venue. The infrared simultaneous interpretation receiving unit was 100, and the total number of simultaneous translation units PL-IR800T was 16.