Senegal Commission for Economic and Environmental Development

2021-02-01 17:40:25

Senegal is situated at the westernmost end of the protruding part of West Africa. The capital of Senegal is Dakar. The Senegalese Council of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs is one of Senegal's important national institutions. It is the core institution of Senegal to promote sustainable development at three levels: economy, society and environment. It plays an irreplaceable role in Senegal's national construction and economic development.

There are conference rooms of different capacity in the office building of the Senegalese Council of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs, which can meet the needs of conferences of different sizes from dozens to hundreds of people. This Project includes two small meeting rooms for 40 people and one large meeting hall for 200 people.

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The system includes PLEXUS full digital conference main unit PVDS3600 with 120 conference units and extended main unit PVDS3600EX, PLEXUS full digital conference unit PVDS3600C/D with 120 channel selectors, 12 interpreters PL-IR800T and 150 PL-IR800R digital infrared receivers. The system has 1+7 channels simultaneous interpretation function. The field is also equipped with an automatic camera tracking system with several high-definition cameras.