Beijing Bank Xi'an Branch

2021-02-01 17:41:59

The new office building of Xi'an Branch of Beijing Bank is located at the southwest corner of the junction of Fenghui South Road and Science and Technology Second Road in Xi'an High-tech Zone. It occupies the junction zone of financial circle and business circle in the High-tech Zone and is just one street away from the Tang Dynasty City Wall Relics Park. Superior location advantages, potential market space, good investment environment, convenient traffic conditions and perfect financial business circle will surely bring more comfortable and pleasant experience to the customers of Bank of Beijing Xi'an Branch, further promote the modernization of management and enhance the brand image.

Tosyeason provided a perfect audio and video system solution for Beijing Bank Xi'an Branch. Based on the design principles of feasibility and applicability, advancement and maturity, openness and standardization, reliability and stability, security and confidentiality, the solution was finally presented perfectly.

The audio and video conferencing system built in this Project included such sub-systems as small spacing LED display system, sound reinforcement system, remote video conferencing system, paperless interactive conferencing system, distributed visual interactive control system, conference reservation and management system, etc. The whole system introduced PLEXUS distributed visual management platform, digital integration display system, sound reinforcement system, video conferencing and other multi-application platforms, based on distributed system architecture, to achieve audio reinforcement, visual management of video signals, and environmental control. The Project introduced PLEXUS distributed visual management platform, which changed the traditional mode of conference room subversively. This is a set of intelligent information exchange platform based on standard network, which truly realizes the unified management of audio and video multimedia  and constitutes an integrated and complete system.

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