the Party School of the Guiyang Municipal Committee of the CPC

2021-02-01 17:43:02

The Party School of the CPC Guiyang Municipal Party adheres to the principle of keeping a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee, comprehensively implements the scientific development concept, continuously deepens the reform of teaching and research, and strives to improve the quality of training, making positive contributions to the training of cadres and the construction of ecological civilization in Guiyang!

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Party schools shoulder the responsibility of training leading cadres of Party members at all levels. Accelerating the construction of information technology in Party schools is not only to meet the needs of the development of the information age, but also the inevitable requirement of the modernization of Party cadre education. Only by improving the information technology environment of the Party School and strengthening the information construction, can the overall advantages of academic research and education and teaching of the Party School be better brought into play. The Outline of the Reform of Cadre Education and Training 2010-2020 points out that "a renewal mechanism of training content oriented by training needs should be established, and the system of theoretical education, knowledge education and Party spirit education should be constantly improved." Based on the actual situation, an emergency management training system based on emergency management theory, with emergency management related laws and regulations and emergency plans as the core, and improving emergency response and safety prevention capabilities is proposed. In the teaching process, the teaching ideas of the simulation exercises of “seeing the scene, making decisions, and evaluating” should be followed.

The project included a large multi-purpose lecture hall, 16 classrooms, a crisis management training room, a news media communication training room, a paperless conference room, and 3 meeting rooms. The whole system adopted PLEXUS distributed visual management platform, which integrated multiple subsystems such as LCD splicing display system, sound reinforcement system, video conference system, lighting system and paperless conference system, and realizes audio sound reinforcement and video signal based on distributed system architecture. The project adopted a distributed visual management platform, which subversively changed the mode of the traditional conference room and truly realizes the unified management of audio and video multimedia.

After the completion of the project, from the overall situation, it has been able to meet the needs of the Party School of the CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee, and the project has been well received by customers. The project used PLEXUS equipment, which was not only very convenient to use, but also reduces the difficulty of equipment maintenance, and reduces the cost of management and maintenance of multimedia audio and video system in Guiyang Party School of CPC.